Our Company

Hamernassa Pharmaceuticals PLC was established in May 2016 GC with a registered capital of ETB 500,000.00. The company founders were motivated by a family business which is already in the pharmaceutical business for over 10 years.They were well aware of the gaps in the pharmaceutical market.


Hamernassa Pharmaceutical visions to be one of the five leading, strong, vibrant, competitive and socially responsible Ethiopian PharmaceuticalCompany in East Africa.


To continue expanding the number of out lets and branches to be available to customers, while also increasing the level of profit both the firm and owners.

Provide quality and Safe products/ services that satisfy the technical and economic benefit of the customers at competitive price.


Perform and participate in any other activities and business which have relation with the above company objectives.

Provide Bio-Medical equipment’s, Medicines, and Medical supplies solution for health sector problems with relevant product and service


Why Hamernassa?

We have successfully completed numerous projects with a wide range of customers like Universities including; Addis Ababa University, Hawassa University, Bahirdar University, University of Gondar; Hospitals like St Paul Hospital, Ras-Desta Damtew Hospital Worabe Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, ALERT Hospital, and NGOs like Amref Health Africa, Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Carter center, Doctors with Africa, Plan international, and Intra-health. As a result, it has received many good performance certificates from its customers.